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  • Toronto Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnosis & Neuropathic Pain Treatment

    Peripheral Neuropathy is painful condition caused by damage to the peripheral nerves. It results in tingling, numbness, pain and weakness in the hands and feet, as well as in other parts of the body. Many sufferers of the condition often report stabbing or burning sensations, and can be nearly incapacitated with the resulting discomfort.

    Led by Dr. Cary Chousky, the Chousky Centre specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy. While there are pharmacological interventions available for neuropathy, the focus at Chousky Centre is on developing treatment strategies that are drug-free, non-invasive and painless.

    Dr. Chousky and his staff have nearly two decades of experience in dealing with complex and varying pain symptoms, and are committed to working closely with each patient to develop a treatment plan that eliminates or greatly reduces the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy.

    If you're unsure whether you're a candidate for the Chousky Centre's treatment options, consider these questions:

    Do you experience:

    * pain or cramps in your feet and hands?
    * tingling and numbness in your fingertips and toes?
    * freezing or burning sensations?
    * stabbing, shooting, or electric shock like pains?

    Do you want:

    * improved balance and coordination?
    * a reduced dependency on medications?
    * better sleep at night, with no restless leg syndrome?

    There are a range of solutions for these conditions, and the Chousky Centre will work to discover the appropriate one for each patient. Pain management, laser therapy, exercise rehabilitation, balance therapy, nutritional motivations - all options are available.

    Patient satisfaction rates are above 90% at the Chousky Centre, a result of compassionate, probing diagnoses, with a thorough, targeted treatment plan catered to the needs of each patient.

  • Specialzing in the Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy.

    The Chousky Centre offers a comprehensive range of physical therapies aimed at treating the pain symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy. Chousky Centre treatments are non-invasive, drug-free, painless, and are clinically proven to eliminate or reduce the neuropathy pain and inflammation.
    • Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnosis, Tests & Evaluation
    • Neuropathic Pain Treatment
    • Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment
    • Fibromyalgia Nerve Pain Management
    • Alcoholic Neuropathy Treatment
    • Autoimmune Neuropathy Treatment
    • Post Shingles Nerve Damage Treatment
    • Spinal Stenosis Nerve Pain Relief
    • Carpal Tunnel Nerve Pain Relief
    • Toxic Neuropathy Prognosis & Treatment
    • Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment
    • Statin Drugs Neuropathy Treatment
    • Sciatic Nerve Pain Management
    • Certified Member of the Neuropathy Treatment Centers Of America (NeuroTCA)
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Meet the Expert
Dr. Cary Chousky

Dr. Cary Chousky

Since 1986

Dr. Cary Chousky has been practicing since 1986, and has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy. He specializes in solving problems, working with patients to create comprehensive therapeutic strategies.

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5 Reasons to Choose the Chousky Centre

Dr. Cary Chousky has nearly 20 years experience as a clinician, now specializing in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy.
Chousky Centre interventions are non-invasive, painless, drug-free and tailored to the individual.
The clinic employs a variety of pain relief treatments, including laser therapy, exercise rehabilitation, balance therapy and more.
Dr. Chousky offers specialized therapies aimed at improving balance, walking ability, and reducing touch-pain.
Patient satisfaction ratings at the clinic are over 90% positive.
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