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Inspiring small business owners on the FS Local blog.

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The FS Local blog exists to empower small business owners and your quest for success. We share the inspirational stories behind the business with in-depth interviews, and deliver up-to-the-minute tips and tricks from industry insiders.


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Meet FS Local.

We believe any small business – no matter the industry – can succeed online.

FS Local exists to empower small business owners in their efforts to grow their companies and expand their reach.
The company is committed to providing a platform for showcasing small businesses across the country and educating business owners on the tools, trends and technologies that can help make any small business great.
Bred for success, the FS Local team has been working together for nearly a decade!
Client Testimonials.
Decorium Logo

FS Local has increased our awareness in the community very well. The local level is extremely important and we have seen great results from FS Local.

Steve, Owner


Retro Dinettes by Smart Furniture Toronto Logo

FS Local reaches to the type of clientele that fits us perfectly, and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.

Eric, Owner


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Very happy with the program, it has increased our reach and has brought in new clients!

Gary, President


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