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      Pharmacist-developed, natural remedies that treat and manage common conditions.
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      Zax's Original Creams

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      Products, Services and Brands

      Natural Remedies & Skin Care Products, First Aid Cream, Bruise Cream, Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Age Spot Removal Cream, Dark Spot Remover Cream, Hyperpigmentation Treatment, Liver & Sun Spot Removal Cream, Rosacea & Facial Redness Treatment, Wind Burn Treatment, Heel Spur Pain Relief Treatment, Scar Cream
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      Pharmacist-developed, natural remedies that treat and manage common conditions.

      Zax's Original Creams deliver all natural remedies, developed by a pharmacist, and are designed to treat and manage a number of common conditions. Each Zax's product blends traditional medicine and time-honoured natural ingredients to create a healthy solution for your family. Zax's is Canadian company, family-owned and operated.

      Like many successful businesses, Zax Healthcare Inc. originated when its founders were less than satisfied with a product in the marketplace. The issue was the lack of an effective bruise treatment. Alyssa and Mark decided they should develop one, Zax's Original Cream was born.

      Alyssa Rolnick is a Registered Dietician with a Master's in Health Sciences, and her husband Mark is a pharmacist, so it was a natural decision to develop creams and remedies of their own. Starting with the Bruise Cream and evolving to develop products for a variety of conditions, Each Zax's Original product is a natural skincare solution that's pharmacist-developed here in Canada.

      Meet the Owner

      Meet the owner photo
      Alyssa Rolnick
      Since 2007

      Alyssa Rolnick is the President & CEO of Zax's Original, as well as a Registered Dietician with a Master's Degree in Health Sciences. Along with husband Mark, Alyssa operates Zax's Original Cream as a family business, proudly Canadian.

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