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      Discover. Improve. Achieve.

      What started as merely an idea and one person developing and refining their plans from the inside of a Starbucks, quickly grew into a million dollar company. In.Acuity now employs 14 full-time staff in their trendy new Toronto office. Our fun and unique team works hard to develop and deliver our workshops while living up to our office motto "Either you run the day, or the day runs you."

      In.Acuity is a Toronto-based company that works with leading industry professionals to deliver high-quality workshops for senior executives, organizations, and corporations. Our learning opportunities include exclusive workshops, in-house workshops & retreats, and custom-tailored workshops, targeted to experienced industry professionals who are seeking to acquire advanced industry knowledge. Some of the topics we cover include: • Strategic Portfolio Management • Decision Quality • Supply Chain Excellence • Best Practices and Pitfalls • Front End Project Development Our team works together with these workshop leaders to create "think-tank" styled workshops. No one learns by being spoken to, people want to be engaged in the material and interact with other people. These workshops are designed so that attendees learn from both workshop leaders and each other.

      Meet the Owner

      Meet the owner photo
      Ryan Austin
      Since 2012

      Ryan Austin became an entrepreneur from a young age. He experimented with several different business ventures before co-founding his latest endeavor In-Acuity; a proud learning provider that currently serves to the Oil & Gas industry.

      Behind the Business