Content Guidelines

Content Guidelines

FS Local allows its business members to build and update their own listings on the FS Local directory and online community. In doing so, business members are given the ability to post their own content such as photos, coupons, written content and more.

In order to maintain our quality standards, FS Local reviews all business listings against the following content guidelines:

  • Inappropriate content: Do not post, transmit, link to, or otherwise distribute any information that is irrelevant, hateful, racist, threatening or pornographic.
  • Spam: Do not stuff your listing with keywords and links in attempt to manipulate search engine results.
  • HTML Markup: Do not include HTML markup in your business description content.
  • Privacy: Do not publish anyone’s private information or post close-up photos of people without their permission.
  • Copyright: Do not post information, photos or any other material from a third party without obtaining permission of the copyright owner or right holder.
  • Incorrect content: Upon review, FS Local may make changes to your listing if we find broken website or social media links. Or, if we find that you’re listed in the wrong category or region. We will notify you of changes.
  • False representation: Do not create an account for a business that you are not attributed to or enter false information about your business. Represent your business as it is in the offline world. Make sure the contact information you submit to your listing is accurate.
  • Harmful content: Do not post or link to any information or software which contains a virus, botnet, Trojan horse, worm, malware, spyware, spam, malicious code, or other harmful and disruptive component.
  • Spelling and grammar: Please check your listing for spelling and grammatical mistakes. If we find an error on your listing, FS Local may correct it. We will notify you if we do.
  • Capitalization and punctuation: Do not use excessive capitalization or punctuation. FS Local may edit your listing if overuse of capital letters and punctuation is found. We will notify you if we do.
  • Coupons: Honour the coupons that you create and post to your FS Local business listing. If a coupon is expired, please delete or update it. FS Local may delete any coupon that is expired, in violation of our terms or that we have received a complaint about.
    • Do not post an offer that is only promotional text. Offers must provide a monetary discount or additional product or service that is not normally included.
    • Do not create a coupon for a product or service that is usually offered for free. Offers must provide an additional value to what is normally included.
    • Fill in the terms of the offer in detail. Clearly state the full details and terms of the offer. If the offer is contingent upon a set of conditions, make sure those conditions are included.
    • Product policies: Do not post a coupon that promotes or offers a discount on a products or service that is inappropriate, illegal, harmful or infringes on the property rights of others.

If we find that any content posted to a business’s listing does not comply with the above guidelines, FS Local may temporarily take down the listing and contact the account holder with instructions.

Upon sign up, every business member agrees to FS Local’s Terms and Conditions which includes these guidelines in further detail. Read full Terms and Conditions.