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Prestigious Properties Vancouver
  • Prestigious Properties Vancouver
  • Prestigious Properties - Canmore HQ
  • Vancouver, BC

  • Canmore, AB, BC

  • (604) 564-7673

  • (403) 678-3330

  • Become A Landlord Without The Hassles !

    Prestigious Properties offers well selected real estate investment opportunities. Prestigious Properties, chaired by Thomas Beyer, is an Exempt Market Product Issuer. We provide investments based on income producing real estate, typically apartment buildings in growth markets, or land development projects. These investments are distributed as Exempt Market Securities through approved EMDs.
    • Perpetual 5% Yield plus equity upside
    • Equity Growth Product
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      Prestigious Properties Vancouver

      Vancouver, BC 
      tel: (604) 564-7673
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      Prestigious Properties - Canmore HQ

      Canmore, AB, BC 
      tel: (403) 678-3330
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3 Reasons to Choose Prestigious Properties

Specializing in acquiring and upvaluing multifamily rental properties.
Offering access to unique investment opportunities in an incredible market.
Proven leadership in the industry with years of high-level experience.

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