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  • Buy Juice Plus+ Whole Food Nutrition Diet Products in Toronto

    Juice Plus helps people by introducing whole food nutrition. It allows families and children to incorporate up to 30 fruits and vegetables in their daily diet effectively, affordably and in a balanced manner. Customers include families, institutions, organizations, professional sports teams, athletes in training and virtually every person on the planet.

    When individuals - or groups - want to change their lifestyle and introduce positive health, personal and life changes, nutrition with an emphasis on whole foods is an excellent method. This is the Juice Plus advantage.

    Modern lifestyles often make demands on our time and as a result, our nutrition. Incorporating fruits and vegetables can be difficult, especially for families with kids. But Juice Plus makes it not only possible to get the recommended daily allowances - and more - it makes it simple.

    Juice Plus whole food nutrition is available in a number of ways:

    *Fruit and Vegetable capsules
    *Complete Shakes
    *Complete Bars
    *Tower Gardens

    One of the most important benefits of the Juice Plus program is the effect it can have on children. We know that kids need energy to fuel their growth, learning and fun, but we also know that the very things kids need most are the things they might not want to eat.

    The Children's Health Study indicates that added Juice Plus to a child's nutritional plan helps in a number of ways. After a year using Juice Plus, parents reported that:

    56% of kids were taking fewer over the counter medications
    71% were drinking more water
    66% were visiting the doctor less
    71% were consuming less fast food

    These are just a few of the amazing benefits of Juice Plus for kids.

    Juice Plus isn't a diet. It's whole food nutrition, delivered through juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains. It doesn't work by restricting what you can eat - it bridges the gap between what you are eating and what you should be eating for maximum health.

    Juice Plus - the next best thing to fruit and vegetables!

  • The next best thing to fruit and vegetables.

    Juice Plus introduces whole food nutrition into the lives of busy people who want to eat right but might struggle finding the time. Parents and kids alike benefit from the power of adding up to 30 fruits and vegetables to their diet. Juice Plus isn't a restrictive, trendy diet - it's a whole food lifestyle that delivers amazing results in an amazingly short time.
    • Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise Development Services
    • Juice Plus+ Network Marketing Training & Support
    • Juice Plus+ Garden Blend Vegetable Powder Capsules
    • Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend Fruit Powder Capsules
    • Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend Berry Powder Capsules
    • Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend Fruit Juice Chewables
    • Juice Plus+ Garden Blend Vegetable Juice Chewables
    • Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend Berry Juice Chewables
    • Juice Plus+ Complete French Vanilla Whole Food Shake Mix
    • Juice Plus+ Complete Dutch Chocolate Whole Food Shake Mix
    • Juice Plus+ Complete Spiced Apple + Raisin Whole Food Nutrition Bars
    • Juice Plus+ Complete Wholesome Grains + Cranberries Whole Food Nutrition Bars
    • Juice Plus+ Tower Garden Vertical Gardening Systems
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Meet the Expert
Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson

Since 2015

Dave was an avid dieter trying to be as healthy as possible. After trying - and failing to connect with - so many fad products, he discovered Juice Plus and became transformed. Dave is a Health and Nutrition Sport Coach and a devoted dad and husband.

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5 Reasons to Choose Juice Plus

Easily introduces whole food nutrition into the busy lives of families - for parents and kids.
It's a simple way to get the benefit of 30 different fruits and vegetables, all in simple to use capsules.
Juice Plus uses only farm fresh ingredients that are organic, gluten- and gmo-free.
The Juice Plus chewables make it easy for kids to get their fruits and vegetable requirements.
The unique Tower Garden introduces organic fresh vegetables AND the concept of personal horticulture.
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