Independence Electric Co.
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Vancouver Island
  • Vancouver Island
  • Campbell River, BC

  • (250) 286-6129

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City of Campbell River, Mid-Island Region, Vancouver Island

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  • CFL & LED Light Bulbs Supplier in Campbell River, BC

    We are proud to be a supplier of energy efficient LED lights that work properly, have a long life, and a good warranty. No ferrous metals, no Chinese LEDs. Unusually high lumens per watt (up to 150 lumens per watt), More light less watts. Numerous DC and AC voltages; 12, 24, 32, and 48 volts dc, 120 to 480 volts ac. LED bulbs, flood lights, street lights, high bays and tubes
    • 12 volt dc LED light bulbs 1 to 10 watts
    • 24 volt dc LED light bulbs 1 to 10 watts
    • 120 to 480 volt ac LED Flood Lights
    • 120 to 480 volt ac high bays
    • Up to 150 lm/W 12 & 24 Vdc Flood Lights
    • Watt-a-Light LED light bulbs
    • Lighthouse compact fluorescent lights
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      Vancouver Island

      Campbell River, BC 
      tel: (250) 286-6129
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3 Reasons to Choose Independance Electric Co.

A huge range of energy-efficient lighting solutions available
Offering only high-quality lights that are built to last
Flood lights, street lights, high bay lights and a complete line of in-home lights

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