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Down Town Calgary
  • Down Town Calgary
  • Suite 437, 3553 31 St. NW, Calgary, AB T2L 2K7

  • (403) 918-6150

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City of Calgary

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  • Calgary Home Protection against the Hazards of Electromagnetic Waves

    Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Control In Housing

    We create architectural environments that are free from Electromagnetic Fields. The environment can be the entire house or just one bedroom. We customize the waves you want to allow in, e.g. you might want cell phone signal, but not, external wifi, radar, satellite, radio, dirty electricity, etc. We are the only company doing this in Canada, and the 4 in the world. Our team has a PhD as tech
    • Shielding for Electromagnetic Fields
    • Insulation for Electromagnetic Fields
    • Consulting
    • Architectural Design EMF friendly
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      Down Town Calgary

      Suite 437, 3553 31 St. NW
      Calgary, AB T2L 2K7
      tel: (403) 918-6150
      fax: (403) 910-0701
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Meet the Owner
Jay Santos

Jay Santos

Since 2015

Over 10 years of experience in Business and Marketing. Jay holds a Business Degree and an Energy Asset Management diploma from SAIT. Serhan, the PhD of the team, has dedicated over 10 years to the Electromagnetic propagation phenomena.

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