Preparing Your Hot Tub For Winter: Tips From Discounter’s Pool And Spa Warehouse

image of people enjoying a hot tub at nightIt’s that time of year again, when everyone in Canada battens down the hatches and prepares for winter. The first flakes have already started falling in some places (we’ve seen a few here in Toronto!), so the time to prepare is now.

Many of you like to keep your hot tub running throughout the winter, which we think is a great idea. Diving into the tub after playing out in the snow is one of the greatest feelings in the world. But before we get there, it’s time for a little hot tub winter prep and maintenance, an important and necessary habit for all spa and hot tub owners.

Hot Tub Winterizing: Step-by-Step

  1. Turn off the heater on the tub itself, at both the main supply and your circuit breaker.
  2. Take the spa cover off your tub. If this is difficult, now would be a good time to install a cover lifter.
  3. Remove the filter.
  4. Clean your hot tub cartridge filter (and your cover while you’re at it) while checking for signs of wear. If you notice any, identify your filter type and replace it.
  5. Put the filter back in.
  6. Drain the tub. Most tubs are equipped with a handy drain spout, that you can attach a standard garden hose to. But what to do with all that water? Well, pick a spot where the water isn’t going to do any harm, or even better, part of your yard (such as a garden) that could use one last soaking before winter sets in. Place your hose where you’d like the water to drain, open the tap on your tub, and let it flow. If your tub is a model equipped with an electric air blower, flip your circuit breaker back on, replace your tub cover, and let the blower run for a minute to clear any excess water out of the lines.
  7. Remove the cover and flip the breaker off again (safety first!).
  8. Clean up any leftovers with a wet/dry vacuum, so you’re left with a nice, empty, dry tub.
  9. Clean and polish the empty tub.
  10. While the tub itself is empty and dry, you’ve still got your heater to contend with. Open up the housing by loosening the plastic couplers, and then go to work on the pumps. Each will have its own couplers you’ll need to loosen before removal. Take out the drains/bleed valves and give them a thorough cleaning. Use your wet/dry vacuum to clean out any excess water left in plumbing lines.

If you’re leaving your tub out of commission for the winter, you’re pretty well done. Keep the drains, bleed valves, and filter out and store for winter. Close up your heating unit and then cover your tub with a tarp until you’re ready to use it again.

Hot Tub Winter Use

If you’re like us and think having a working hot tub year round is a great idea, simply refill your tub. We recommend using our Fibre-Filter garden hose attachment to pre-filter your water before it goes into the tub, for maximum cleanliness.  Turn the power back on, and let it heat back up. Mmmm, toasty! Make sure your hot tub is covered during rougher winter weather to avoid overflowing.

Now that you’ve got your hot tub drained, cleaned, filled back up and ready to go for the winter, why stop there? As your one-stop shop for all your hot tub needs, Discounter’s Pool and Spa has a wide range of products available to make your hot tub experience that much more enjoyable. We offer everything from chemicals to cleaners, scents for both personal pleasure and aromatherapy, clarifiers, steps for easier access, and many other hot tub accessories to choose from!

If you’re going to be putting in the time and effort to prep your tub for the winter or for winter use, now’s a perfect time to expand and improve your hot tub experience.  We at Discounter’s Pool and Spa Warehouse have everything you need to help you do it. We are “Your Partners in Spa Pleasure”.

Happy tubbin’ from Discounter’s Pool and Spa. Have a safe and happy winter!


Discounter’s Pool & Spa Warehouse offers monthly expert advice on enjoying and maintaining your indoor and outdoor pool or spa. Visit their online store for a full range of pool products and spa accessories, including all chemicals featured in this post, and check out their profile on FS Local.


Stephen Zaitchik

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