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Melissa Smich
Occupation: Social Media
Follow: @smichm
On The Web:
Bio: Social media consultant by day; Food, culture, and event vlogger by night. I love discovering new places to brunch with my fiancé and taking our two dogs to leashless parks around the city.


  1. My Hood:  Queen West
  2. I love it because:  It’s an eclectic fashion/art/food hub that’s a hotbed for culture with an energy that can be felt through the streets. It’s a friendly and fashionable neighborhood with Trinity Bellwoods park at the heart of the community. You can take the dogs leashless, get groceries at the farmer’s market, or just hang out with a good book and a few friends.
  3. I take my coffee: with almond milk from… Reza at R2/RSquared.
  4. Favourite local celebrity: Jeanne Beker – who’s surprisingly down to earth for a fashion icon.
  5. I’m social because: : I can.
  6. Favourite Toronto street: Queen West.
  7. Most craved Toronto eat: This week, ramen.
  8. Favourite season: Summer: I love skirts, heat, and my sister’s pool.
  9. I travel across town by: Used to ride my bike everywhere but have been terrified of cycling in Toronto since getting hit by a cab running a red light a few years ago.
  10. My go-to Toronto restaurant: 416 Snack Bar, Campagnolo, Yuzu sushi, OddSeoul, Kinton Ramen
  11. Favourite Toronto store: Magic Pony.
  12. My first CN Tower trip was: my last – I was a child and don’t remember it but my mom kept those hilarious tourist glasses they served my Shirley Temples in.
  13. When I need to get away from it all, I head to: Barreworks to get in shape, the AGO to get inspired, Chinatown to get lost or the Island Airport to escape with Porter (my favourite way to fly).
  14. My ideal night out in Toronto: LPC or anything Ossington.
  15. Every year I MUST attend: Power Ball at the Power Plant.
  16. I can’t go a day without: feeding into my social media addiction.
  17. City visitors must see: Kensington Market and Chinatown.
  18. I love Toronto because: The food is great, the people are friendly, everyone’s beautiful, and there’s adventure to be had if you’re open to it.
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Jesse Wallace

Jesse is a typical class clown. Born and raised just north of the Toronto, he fell in love with the City on school trips to the ROM and the Science Centre. He tried Vancouver for a few years, but the call of home was too strong to resist. Today he lives in the North-East Upper Beaches. (What? It’s a thing!)

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