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20 Questions with We Got Balls Food Truck Owner Victor Valente

image of Victor Valente form the We Got Balls food truck

Name: Victor Valente
Occupation: Food Truck owner
On the Web: www.wegotballs.ca
Follow: @wegotballsTruck
Bio:  Born and raised in West end Toronto. I Have worked for various local business and events. Established the We got Balls Food Truck, and have been providing fresh, quality meals to the public ever since, and love doing so.

1. Where do you call home? Toronto, ON – Corner of Dupont and Dufferin.
2. What do you love most about it? The diversity and ethnicity of this city.
3. Born and raised or Johnny-come-lately? Born and raised.
4. Is it a winter wonderland or summertime paradise? Both.
5. What’s your commute like? 3 minutes.
6. What do you do on a day off? Prepare for the next business day and practice new recipes.
7. It’s my first time in town. Where should we go? We Got Balls food truck for an awesome meatball experience.
8. Is there anything you’d change about it? Nope.
9. Where do you go when it’s time to get away? Cottage.
10. Favourite local landmark: Wallace Emerson Community Centre.
11. Best local event or festival: Woof Fest.
12. Favourite local team: Maple Leafs.
13. Favourite local celebrity: Jim Carrey.
14. Time to shop. Historic downtown or Big Box Land? Big Box Land.
15. Favourite Mom & Pop shop: Vesta Lunch.
16. Favourite local restaurant: Rush Hour.
17. Best place to grab a coffee or tea: Tim Horton’s.
19. Tell us something only locals know: That there is an awesome food truck on the corner of Dufferin and Dupont.
20. What does supporting local mean to you? Purchasing from local vendors, giving back through community events and providing a quality service to the people of my neighbourhood.

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About Jesse Wallace

Jesse Wallace
Jesse is a typical class clown. Born and raised just north of the Toronto, he fell in love with the City on school trips to the ROM and the Science Centre. He tried Vancouver for a few years, but the call of home was too strong to resist. Today he lives in the North-East Upper Beaches. (What? It’s a thing!)

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  1. Great food! No matter what u get. Great friendly service as well. I would recommend to everyone in the area of dufferin and dupont.

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