A Modern Day SEO Story Of The Little Local Business Owner Vs. The Big Bad Link Building Company

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There once was a time when a local search engine user from a faraway land would be presented with the same keyword rankings as you and I. Back then, black-hat SEO strategies were rampantly employed, because they worked. But that time has come and gone. Keep reading this modern day fairy tale story about The Little Local Business Owner vs. The Big Bad Link Building Company. Find out why even Google believes hiring a link builder is not worth the risk, and can do you more harm than good. Read More »

Twitter Strikes Deal for Tweets to Appear in Google Search Results: How Will This Affect Local Business Owners?

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Last week saw the announcement of a brand new partnership between Twitter and Google. The search giant will now have direct access to the "Twitter firehose" - the term that's commonly used to describe the massive stream of data generated in real-time by Twitter's 284 million users. This means more tweets will soon appear in search results, and automatically once published. How will this new arrangement impact Canadian local business owners? Keep reading to find out! Read More »